Room on Fire | The Strokes | 2003 | RCA | #360

I think The Strokes have done really well to squeeze out a pretty successful career and couple of albums from what is probably for me one of the least inspiring genres. About half way through the album I realised that firstly, we’re half way through the album – I hardly noticed that we’ve progressed five tracks – and secondly, this is so dull yet I’m still enjoying it somehow.

It’s a good album because all the songs are perfectly written and produced for people who enjoy bands like The Strokes – they nailed that early 2000s alt-rock “indie” sound. The nonchalant, lethargic rhythm section with that guitar playing that has a weird way of sounding energetic but just isn’t – almost robotic and repetitive in fact. Maybe I could say something clever about it being the perfect soundtrack for the mood of the time; for the laid-back (lazy), apathetic Millennials. But I won’t because I can’t be bothered to do the research to confirm whether or not I’m right.

I didn’t dislike this album, I just can’t ever imagine a scenario where I’d choose to put it on.

One thought on “Backstroke

  1. Didn’t they call this garage punk? They reminded me of The Knack and early Blondie when they came out but mainly in the way they looked rather than the way they sounded. I think there was a gap in the market for them and although I quite liked a couple of their early singles / videos there was too much else going on that was so much better and less hyped. I’m not offended by the dullness of The Strokes but not motivated enough to listen to a whole album by them either.

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