Drowsily done style

2294174720_cceb4c9183B.R.M.C | Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | 2001 | Virgin | #351

Today was the first day in which the difficulty of this challenge caught up with me. It’s late, I’ve had other stuff to do today, and I desperately want to go to bed. Thankfully then, BMRC don’t offer much here to make me excited enough to lose sleep over. I get the feeling they’re primarily about image – that’s what they’re selling – second comes the music. We’re far too cool to be looking at cameras whilst casually hanging out in this street spot with our leather jackets. Now buy our album.

It was 2001 though to be fair. Shoegazing was still acceptable. They cite The Verve as an inspiration which I picked up on straight away, and although this is more distorted, fuzzed-out garage rock, the dreamy, slightly psychedelic britpop vibe is definitely happening. Interesting given they’re from San Francisco.

I like that their sound backs up their image, and if I had more time I might begin to appreciate it a bit more. I don’t though, so not for me.

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