Hello… quite agreeable actually

Hello Nasty | Beastie Boys | 1998 | Capitol | #362

I knew very little about Beastie Boys before I listened to this album, and what I did know was probably gleaned from misinterpreted pop-culture references such as Mark recalling that “The Beastie Boys fought and possibly died for my right to party” in Peep Show.

Hello Nasty is white-boy New York hip-hop. It’s big production with heavy use of sampling and chopping about of styles to build a huge mix of sound, with an experimental feel. I think that’s the point; to create a collage of music – which they obviously had loads of fun making – the result of which generates quite a unique aesthetic. I say huge because it’s 22 tracks and runs for over an hour which honestly made it a bit of a chore to finish.

I think this is one album (of many) that’s going to fall victim to the format I’ve set out here. There just isn’t enough time for me to gain an appreciation for the style, which seems like you would need to have already invested time cultivating an affinity for to really enjoy it.

One thought on “Hello… quite agreeable actually

  1. Their debut album Licensed to Ill was a really good record, they had an original sound especially coming from white boys. They started in 1978 as a hardcore punk band in New York but switched to hip hop and never looked back. Fight For Your Right To Party is a minor classic but I couldn’t be bothered to listen to Hello Nasty and judging by Ryan’s review i’m not midding much..

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