It’s a-go

067bc5a1722090327242c68fd41f1af0b79faf8aThis Is Happening | LCD Soundsystem | 2010 | DFA | #322

What’s fun about this album is singer, songwriter, and producer James Murphy’s commentary and musings to do with being a 30-something in 2010 and having your coolness being overtaken by new-wave hipsters. Its dance-punk, electronica sound is not something I haven’t heard before but I think LCD Soundsystem do it particularly well. Helping to characterise the sound are influences felt most appreciably from Bowie, Talking Heads, and Daft Punk.

There’s an 8-bit vibe going on which brings up memories of easy days spent playing Sega Mega Drive as a child, juxtaposed then with the wry introspection otherwise begot with the lyrical tone – a kind of humorous self-reflexiveness cultivated only in adulthood. One might make the observation that the tension and release of the music compliments this somehow. I never really felt like the album reached a summit so much as consistently riding a funky pace of groove for its duration.

I liked the attitude and I liked the sound. I’ll be coming back for more.

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